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Hip 14 - RSR You Silly Goose

2010 | Bay Roan | Gelding

AQHA • Valentines Fire x Windys Lil Rocket

“Crown” is the whole package with brains, beauty and experience. Crown has been ridden all over inside and outside. He rides the same every day. Crown is gentle on the ground and in the saddle. We’ve taken him all over, through tons of obstacles and trail courses. He doesn’t bat an eye - no matter the scenario. He never takes a wrong step. Crown has been ridden down the roughest trails and is always confident and sure-footed. If you can climb up there and hold the reins you can ride Crown. He is a true pleasure to be around. He has the smoothest short lope with a big stop. Crown has a floating jog, smooth as butter. He is soft in the face and sides with an excellent neck rein and side pass. Crown is family/youth suitable. Good with water crossings, logs, bridges, traffic and wildlife. Easy to bathe and clip. Loads and backs out of any size trailer.


Consignor Contact:
Jessica Aspenwall (651) 271-1707

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