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Make Mine Whizkey

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Red Dun






Dun It For Whizkey


Ready Make Cowboy


A sale highlight for sure - Whizkey. He does it ALL! Honestly, its hard to keep it brief when they have a resume like this one, but we'll do our best and feel free to contact us for more details. Whizkey is bred incredibly well, the names on both sides of his papers need no introduction as they are all money earners and accomplished performance horses. Whizkey has ideal conformation and is 100% sound. He has never taken a sick day! We love his cute little ears and his expressive face. He's a red dun with a big stripe down his back and tiger striping all around. Lots of dun factor to him! Whizkey has been successfully shown in the NRHA. He has since done a little bit of everything, and no, that's not an exaggeration. Whizkey will trail ride, arena ride, ride out alone, go into a show pen - he will take you wherever you choose to go and he will do it with style and presence. Whizkey is a BIG stopper, lots of WHOA. He spins crazy fast in both directions with his nose in the dirt. Lots of style! Whizkey has an easy going jog, a nice ranch long trot, and lopes with ease. You can bounce a ball off of him, change lightbulbs from his back, any tasks are no surprise to him. We wish we could keep ones like him, they are truly hard to find. Whizkey lays down on command and ground ties with great confidence. He's a very easy keeper, and we normally dont even grain him because it takes very little to keep him looking his best. Whizkey has great ground manners. He is patient and kind. He thinks that it tickles when we clip him, but he still stands perfectly quiet for every bit of it, which is pretty adorable. Contact us for more info, we love to brag about him.

Michels Performance Horses


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